We, The People

Yellopad is obsessed about people, products and technology. That is, we leverage technology to create cool products that builds a people-culture. In all our disruptive dealings, the people comes first.

The Ruthless Mantra

To build badass brands through the creation of smoking content and disruptive strategy.

Our Culture

We meet in the oddest of places, at insane hours. We hang around bars, clubs, malls, and cafe, to feel the pulse of the street. We have long conversations in cars during our jolly drive around the town. We are proactive, always wanting to have a plan before you need a plan. We are not only an ark builder, we are good swimmers. We are somewhere, we are nowhere, we are everywhere.
We are gods!

Your Enterprise Plans

Afterparty: You gave me what I asked for and not what I want
Hustler: What do you want?
Afterparty: I don’t know what I want, but when I see it, I know it.

Maybe what you want is a quality enterprise conversation in a noisy bar flowing with alcohol, water, hashtag and loud music. Or a spirit dance in a runtown cafe that nudges you closer to what you want. Or a ruthless plan that makes you a happy good fella while your brand is living a life of its own.
And maybe we could set up the entire damn thing in 48 hours!

Let’s make awesome things, together.

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Let’s make awesome things, together.